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Roller Coaster Chiropractic

It’s not uncommon to see clients who get great results from chiropractic stop their care once they feel good, only to return with their original problem or something worse. Many repeat this cycle over and over again – traveling up and down the feel good, feel bad roller coaster of temporary relief, without truly getting […]

The Right Key

You’ve been to an osteopath.  You’ve tried physical therapy and faithfully did all the exercises they prescribed.  But still your spine feels tight, rigid and locked up.  In your case, Chiropractic may hold the right key. Unlike the gross manipulative therapy done by PT’s and osteopaths, or the general movement offered by prescribed exercises, specific […]

Feeling Rusty?

Does it take a while for you to get going in the morning?  Are your joints stiff and achy when you first wake up, and take a few hours to loosen?  Stiff, tired joints can leave you feeling and acting much older than you are. Motion is Life.  If you let anything sit in one […]

Get the Bowling Ball Off…

Question:  If you drop your favorite bowling ball on your foot, what’s the first thinking you need to do to start the healing?  Answer:  Get the bowling ball off your foot!  Sounds simple, but it’s true.  Your foot CAN’T heal until the offending pressure is removed first.  The same principle applies to your Chiropractic care. […]

Clean Garbage Cans Don’t Attract Flies

Ever notice that flies like to congregate around dirty, neglected garbage cans?  You don’t usually see them swarming near clean ones.  The same can be said for germs, bugs and viruses. Germs are like flies…they’re opportunistic.  Give them a dirty place to settle and they’ll multiply.  Provide a weak host and they’ll take advantage.  But […]

Yo-Yo Chiropractic

You start a diet, lose 15 lbs, then quit…only to gain the weight back, plus five extra pounds.  When it’s time to fit into that bathing suit, you’ll repeat the process all over again.  Yo-yo dieting is transient and event based – not lifestyle based, thus the results are always fleeting. Yo-yo adjusting works the […]

Casts Don’t Heal

If you were unfortunate enough to break a bone, you know what it’s like to get casted.  With a little repositioning and some skilled plastering, the fracture is stable.  After a few weeks when the cast comes off, you’re just as good as new.  So did the cast do the healing? Plaster casts and Chiropractic […]

Your Body’s Instrument Panel

What would you do if your car’s low oil light came on today?  Would you immediately top off your engine with some 10W-30 weight or put some black tape over that little annoying light so you wouldn’t have to deal with its foreshadowing glow any longer? If you continue to ignore the warning light, there’s a […]


The object of the carnival game Whack-a-Mole is to use a mallet to hit as many critters as possible when they pop up in random succession.  Trouble is, as you hit one mole, three more pop up and disappear before you can nail them all.  Whack-a-Mole is a perfect metaphor for how people are medicated […]

In The Beginning Of Care…

April 4th, 2015
chiropractic, spine

One of the most important benefits of Chiropractic care is the restoration of normal alignment and mechanics to your spine.  But getting the shape back to where it should be takes time and effort… especially if your spine is tight and rigid to begin with. If you’ve ever worked with a fresh block of modeling […]