Franks Chiropractic Life Center in Greensboro, Ga. is looking for a principled chiropractor who desires to learn what it takes to succeed and become the absolute best in this profession. This special person will receive complete training in every aspect of practice building while learning all aspects of how to build their own practice. We have been teaching associates for almost 40 years and have an excellent track record of successes (references available anytime). In fact, besides going on to be highly successful in practice, no less than six of our associates have gone on to become Presidents of their state organization. Character counts with us!

Our main office is located in the Lake Oconee Resort area which is about 70 miles east of Atlanta. It is home to Reynolds Lake Oconee, Ritz Carlton, and 6 world-class golf courses. Most importantly though, it is the perfect place to raise a family, to run a practice, and to launch your career. You can check it out at

The person we are looking for must be willing to learn, want to see lots of people, tell the principled chiropractic story, and be willing to do things in a certain way in order to succeed.

Character traits we look for start with God, family, and chiropractic in that order. Other traits we want are honesty, ethical, trainable, family-oriented, willingness to learn, sense of humor, leadership qualities, Napoleon Hill traits, and a willingness to do what it takes to succeed. You will be trained constantly and guided along the way.

For a glimpse into what we do, check out our website (you’re on it now). Also, you can see some of our training materials here… We have won the “Best Chiropractor of the Lake Country” eight years in a row and this year we were awarded the Business of the Month Award from the Chamber of Commerce. Doctor, simply put, we aren’t fooling around! We are the best in the business! When you come to visit, you’ll see.

Finally, please know that this is just the beginning of a process. We are looking for a total Win-Win-Win fit in our organization. In other words, you win, our patients win and we win. If you consider yourself a learner and have an insatiable desire to reach your full potential of becoming the absolute best principled chiropractor possible, send your resume to Dr. Rick Franks at Let’s talk!

Thank you in advance for your consideration.