Popping Sound

Some chiropractic adjusting techniques produce a popping sound.

The sound is created by something called “joint cavitation.” It’s a fancy name for the release of pressure in the fluids surrounding a joint that often accompanies many types of chiropractic adjustments.

Champagne cork

Chiropractic adjustments reduce pressure, in same way that removing the cork of a champagne bottle does.

Pressure Release

The popping sound created when opening a bottle of champagne has a lot in common with the cavitation sound. When the cork is removed and pressure is released, the characteristic little champagne bubbles can be seen. Similarly, when joint pressure is released, it is thought that gas in the fluid of a joint shifts, making the sound.

• The sound may be interesting, but it isn’t important.
• It isn’t related to the effectiveness of the adjustment.
• Many adjusting techniques don’t create the sound.

Sound or no sound, chiropractic works by reducing nervous system disturbances caused by malfunctioning spinal joints.